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You can book our most popular service, an individual Signature Headshot Session for our studio in NoDa, right from our website – but you can always contact us with any questions.

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General questions from our clients

What should I wear?

We first like to say wear your favorite outfit! Our goal is to place the viewer’s focus on you! Here’s what you can do to help achieve that:

  • Wear solid colors
  • Avoid heavy patterns, bright colors, and plaid.
  • Avoid overly large (clunky) jewelry
  • Layers are great!
  • If you wear glasses, make sure to bring them.

Remember, if you don’t bring it, we can’t shoot it.

Do you have a hair or makeup artist?

We have hair and makeup artists. Just let us know that you need one and we’ll put you in contact with them. Hair and makeup artists are third-party and will charge separately.

How can I prepare for my session?

It is important that you show up feeling your best on the day of your session. Here’s some general tips:

  • Drink plenty of water and get as much sleep as possible the night before the shoot
  • If you want a clean-shaven look, shave prior to the session.  Also, consider that now may be a good time to switch to a new blade.  If your session isn’t until the late afternoon, consider shaving at lunch.
  • If bearded, consider scheduling a trip to your barber the day before your session.
  • If you wear cosmetics, wear normal daytime make-up perhaps with slightly more foundation than usual.  Liquid foundations photograph slightly better than powder foundations, and mineral cosmetics can appear shiny.  
  • If you have long hair, consider not washing your tresses on the day of the shoot.  
  • Unwashed hairstyles reveal better shine in photographs than those with freshly washed hair.  Dry shampoo works great in this situation.
  • If you color gray hair. Consider coloring the eve of the day before the shoot.  That will allow time for any color stains on your skin to disappear.

Most importantly, relax and be yourself. We want your authentic personality to shine through!

How long does a session take?

A Signature In-Studio session has a duration of 2 hours. You may not use or need all that time, but it’s there if needed.

What's your retouching process?

Our creative team will give a magazine-quality polish to each image purchased. We like to tell our clients that we’ll give them the best night of sleep and the world’s greatest dermatologist.

What if I have to reschedule my appointment?

We understand that life happens and you may need to reschedule your appointment. Please reach out to to reschedule your appointment.

When do I get my final images?

Final images are delivered between 5-7 business days. You’ll receive digital images you purchase in an online web gallery.

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